Founded By U.S. Military Veterans

Here at Smooth Boar, we are committed to supporting our veterans, law enforcement, and first responders.  Our belief is to serve those who continue to serve us. We are committed to reinvesting in those who served by hiring veterans, and supporting causes that help our warriors and their families get back on their feet. Every purchase of a Smooth Boar product made, we give back.

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Fire For Effect!


Take a look at our unique drinkware products that are replicas of... 

  • Why Smooth Boar?

    The team at Smooth Boar come from all walks of life. We share a common bond forged through years of combat operations. Our relentless pursuit of quality learned during our time in the military, has bled over to our business remaining flexible to dynamically changing conditions. At Smooth Boar, the mission and customer come first.

  • Unique Products

    Our products are replicas of military ordnance that are used on the battlefield to support troops in combat operations. The designs are authentic in color scheme and has the feel of an actual piece of ordnance. A Smooth Boar product in your hand will surely be a conversation starter.

  • Future Ops

    We're not here to just be another veteran brand. The larger purpose of Smooth Boar is to enhance the communities that we are a part of. Our hope is to empower people the way we were fortunate enough to be ourselves. In the future, look for the founders of Smooth Boar to create a Non-profit assisting those who risk it all for us.